Weekly Round Up 25 March

I have been very busy again this last week and not really noticed much news, Bitcoin along with every other coin seems to be fluctuating, I do hold some EOS and noticed it did buck the trend and jump by 14% mid-week other than that;

Binance is moving to Malta after issues with the  Financial Services Agency of Japan.   According to the The Malta Independent, the country is determined to create a new agency called the Malta Digital Innovation Authority, which would not only regulate the subject matter of the cryptocurrency market but also promote suitable conditions to attract investors.

A UK teenager Saleem Rashid managed to hack the Ledger Nano S.

The attack targets the device’s micro-controllers, which stores the private key, while the other acts as its proxy to support display functions and the USB interface.

However all is not has bad as it seems as the attacker would need physical access to a wallet before it got into the hands of the victim , for instance, by buying one, altering it and then selling it on. Ledger say that they are fixing the bug which also effect the Ledger Blue but I say don’t buy one second hand to be safe.

On a personal not I have been struggling with a Znode and thanks goes out to Ruben and Anwar on the Znode Telegram who help me fix the problem and managed to put up with me acting stupid (it wasn’t an act).

I have also been looking into the fact that Chaincoin masternodes seem not to be paying out apparently an issue with all Dash-forked assets right now. I have been trying to get clarification from Chaincoin on their Twitter and Telegram but they seem asleep.


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