Update July 18

In the words of Eric B and Rakim ‘ it’s been along time’

To be brutally honest in this bear market I just lost interest, not in Masternodes but in the whole crypto thing.  I have always said I didn’t have time to trade and I just lost interest in hearing people making out they knew what was happening and how to make a quick buck.  The reality is mining is paying, trading in the majority of cases isn’t paying hodling is killing me and many others the only thing paying is Masternodes.

Again I’m going to be honest and say I don’t realy have the time to take on managing anymore Masternodes.  I set up the site so people could use to to exchange knowledge so that may be where the future is, feel free to use the forums we only collect your email so we can ban you and would never contact you unles you approached us first.



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