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When I get into a new niche that is outside of my field of knowledge, I like to immerse myself and soak up as much as I can, like a big sponge. So when I got into crypto it was no different, but the thing with crypto, a bit like the internet in the early days is that it’s always changing and developing, so anything printed is almost out of date when by the time you read it. There are websites, blogs, Telegram, Discord and forums but to be honest I don’t have time to read everything, analyse it and form a decision. The way I have found to keep up-to-date and make the most of my time is podcasts, I commute 2 hours every day so that gives me plenty of opportunity to soak up the words of wisdom.

So here’s my top listens, I have listened to others, some are very serious, some talk about resistance lines which I feel needs visuals to go with it, for me anyway, but I like these because I find them entertaining in some way, so in no particular order.

Cyrpto Street Podcast

Is hosted by 3 guy’s here’s their Twiter handles @K1llerWh4le, @CryptoDale and @13Prince31. I personally love this podcast the guy’s are so funny and bounce off each other, they are fun, not over serious, obviously know their stuff and a use copious amounts of bad language, which I have no issue with and find comforting. They often have guests on and ramble about everything from the weather to the price of Bitcoin, check it out at Crypto Street Podcast.

Altcoin Fool

Two guy’s Drew Littlejohns and Dr Chris Gray, who were once neighbours, again they chat about what’s happening in the space but are both very different and so you get both sides of an argument. They are relatively new with this podcast but appear very savvy about business and crypto, they also seem a little older so gives a slightly different twist, check them out at Altcoin Fool.

Crypto 101

Presented by Matthew Arron an American living in Taiwan a more serious podcast with guests that provides some intellectual conversations but in a easy to understand way.   On a personal note they have recently started airing adverts (I know they have to make money) but I find them irritating but still a great listen Crypto 101.

What Bitcoin Did

Presented by Peter McCormack, British voice in a sea of American’s this guy seems very well connected having recently interviews Charlie Lee founder of Litecoin, and this is only on his 5th episode. He seems to live in the UK but is globetrotting and podcasting whilst I’m guessing doing other work. Podcast’s are again serious highly intellectual (sometimes) but a great listen at What Bitcoin Did.

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