My Week in Crypto & April 2018

There was no update last week I warned you I’m inconsistent and it was Easter we had family time and I drank far too much of the devil falling down water.

So the crypto world seems a little quite right now Bitcoin is down then floats back up I was waiting for it to drop below £4500 before I bought. May have been a bit optimistic but it didn’t go that low so I didn’t buy. Everybody seems to be banning crypto advertising which is weird when you look how the owners of Twitter are so entrenched in crypto with other business’s and how Facebook are talking about some form of decentralised blockchain set up at some point, but I get Facebook have enough problems right now. My gut feeling is the banning is a combination of trying to keep prices down whilst organisation consider their position and if they want in then entry is cheap and a sense that over 50% of all ICO’s didn’t even make 12 months after launching and ‘running off with your money’, so protecting us poor stupid common people LOL.

There is some news about Coinbase but TBH I cant make head or tail of it. Cointelegraph states ‘Coinbase has no plans to support new forked assets in Coinbase Commerce.’ While Coindesk seems to be saying the opposite ‘Coinbase explained that it will work to support future bitcoin forks on its Coinbase Custody product, adding that this platform “will likely support more forked assets than GDAX or Coinbase for the foreseeable future’

So I mentioned mining Electroneum using your phone (sorry that post didn’t go live when I scheduled it for but it’s up now) and I promised an update. PAINFUL the app continually logs you out so you are needing to check if it’s mining, then there are the constant verify you a re real person I hate these anyway. There has recently (a couple of days ago) been some kind of update and my mining hashrate has b=gone up for 14 to 30 h/s but I noticed today that after almost 2 weeks of fairly constant mining I have only 8 ETN and then today it logged me out again and when I logged back it it had gone down to 3 ETN. So I think it’s time to delete the app. I am actually earning more with Lit it’s more fun and less hassle.

I did set up a number of Antminer D3’s the other week and was looking for alternative X11 coin to min other than Dash if anybody has any recommendations feel free to comment. These D3’s are not earning much cash compared to our E3’s on Siacoin which are racking it in.

Zcoin; I set up a masternode for somebody a while back and this week there was a weird spike and the 20K stake for a node went up in value to 100K unfortunately it soon dropped back and we didn’t get chance to liquidate.

Chaincoin I was gifted some Chaincoin and was looking to set up a masternode but it appears they are not paying out I have asked the Chaincoin community on Discord and Twitter and after 2 weeks have had no reply or clarification. Is Chaincoin dead?


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