My Crypto Journey

My Crypto Journey

Having background in e-commerce (since 1999), building a site from the ground up in ASP and having to learn about server management firsthand due to lack of cash, has given me a background that stands me in good stead for crypto.

After getting interested in crypto from the angle of earning a passive income, I soon realise that the phase passive did not fit in with coin trading and whilst I am happy to HODL it does not bring the same rewards. Also I would say that my risk taking is managed.

After realising that I wasn’t about to buy a Lambo anytime soon I started looking at other methods other earning in crypt. Mining is an expensive business £2500-3000 for an Antminer S9 and GPU units that are decent ranging from £2000-8000, mining was out my reach. However do to my technical ability I was asked to set up and manage an Antminer with a view to setting up a farm, still an ongoing process.

ICO’s seem to be pump and dump schemes or generally have no working product and to be honest by the time I’ve read the first page of most White Papers I’m done eyes glazing over and me thinking my pet hate words on paper that say, nothing. The other issue I personally have with ICO’s is the process and the amount you need to invest not really something I see as an option for me as a small investor.

The other thing that appealed to me was Masternodes but again with something like a Polis masternode costing £7750 it was still out my range even if the ROI is currently quoted at £35,550 (source: I had heard about shared masternodes but all of these were hidden deep in the web (not sure why).

All this lead me to started a place where people and meet and exchange views about masternodes and maybe group together to fund a node and I can act as an intermediary setting up and managing and hosting.