A Week in Crypto March 17 2018

I’ve had busy week in my ‘real’ job in that I have been interviewing for a key position, was getting ready for a brand renaming and launching a new website as part of the rebranding all of which had to be completed by Friday. So my week was hectic.

Biggest news for me was Google announcing that it was banning all crypto related ads, wallets, ICO’s, currencies, everything. Personally I have used Google Adwords and I wouldn’t worry about this if I was advertising but the market reacted negatively as it does and Bitcoin along with everything else bombed.

Gotta look on the bright side here and I had been commenting to friends that if Bitcoin went below £5999 I was in. Think was Wednesday evening (UK time) it dropped on Coinbase but when I tried to buy it was giving me a conversion rate of over £6k, so I kept my eye on the price until it dropped sufficiently to be under £6k in the basket but then my bank played the silly card wanting me to verify payment so I just couldn’t be bothered.   Luck had it that Thursday morning it had even more and was around £5500 my bank was playing ball and bang I was back in, averaging down I and trooper.

Crazy that only 4 months ago everybody was like ‘wish I had bought Bitcoin when it was £3000’ well it’s not dropping much below £5500 so why aren’t you buying now coz it will go up to at least £13000 again this year (my opinion based on knowing nothing) and you’ll all be going ‘I wish I had bought at £5500’.

There were a couple of projects I looked at this week and I will name them as they do not involve parting with money but are crypto related;

Turtle Coin shoutout to the Altcoin Fool for this one.   I remember very little about Turtlecoin it is a very new project only launching Dec 2017, as to want it does etc no idea, but the thing I remember and I must set up on my pc is, install a wallet and mining using my CPU, it cost nothing and if you follow the link to Turtlecoin site there’s full details and software, so nothing to lose and everything to again in my mind. As a footnote I did try setting it up on a MAC but it was very unfriendly.

Mithril thanks to Crypto 101, a decentralised social media marketplace that rewards content creators. Mithril is a real product on the market that is live and functional, the creator is Jeffrey Huang and he was also the founder of Machi 17 which in Asia is massive so this guy is a serious contender, but what I really liked is he has said ‘don’t buy Mithril if you have cash go buy Ethereum’. Now that’s a weird approach but I like it, he then goes on to add that he has launched an app, oh yeah baby a working product called Lit (I got mine from Play Store on my Android) and you can mine (earn) Mithril by putting content onto the Lit network. I have signed up but not really started to use it fully yet but how cool it that?



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