A Bear Market

I was late to the crypto market and this market (first half of 2018) has been brutal for many people, but late April we saw Bitcoin price start to recover and it’s strange to se how the market changes, not so much the financial market but the people around that market.

There was a great podcast from Crypto 101 which was a round table and it was interesting to see that it was not only me that was going through this slump but everybody. One of the presenters told how his website traffic went to almost zero, all his social media chats were quite and how his $30,000 went to $5,000. I was kind of reassuring that it wasn’t just me but this bear market has had it’s effect on me;

Speculation, I suppose this was the main thing that got me into crypto and making some quick easy cash, joke. I again was quite lucky I had some cash in the bank that was doing nothing and I put half into BTC the rest I split equally into Alts, Neo, Ripple, Strat and EOS. To be honest I was clueless I didn’t even realise EOS was a platform and I it was Everipedia, which I since realise is just an dapp on the platform but it still looks like a great project.

ICO’s I just couldn’t get my head around them I was involved in the and made a sizable amount of money (spent most of it) during the dot com bubble which for me was never a bubble more an opportunity to build something whilst others had their heads in clouds and dreaming of use cases that would never work. Many ICO’s seem like that to me and when you see stats that something like 50% of all ICO’s 2017 have already failed. So ICO’s were never for me.

I have been involved in mining my real interest is CPU and GPU mining but seem to have been stuck managing a bunch of ASIC’s. For me ASIC mining is full of problem and the only people making lots of money is Antminer, bringing out machines like the X3 that was almost obsolete the day it was released and 2 weeks later you would struggle to make your electricity back. The other problem with ASIC mining for me was the investment and ROI, that said we did make some money mining Siacoin for a while.

My real interest lay in masternodes and whilst I set up a Chaincoin node for somebody as an experiment and proof of concept, that coin seems to be dying a slow death, pity as I was gifted a 1000 by somebody. Our next attempt was Zcoin and whilst it requires a large investment around £32,000 it does pay out well but out the reach of most normal people. So once again I find it hard to invest in Masternodes.

Which brings me full circle to this site and it weird because when I became interested in masternodes and shared masternodes in particular I found a very underground Discord group offering shares and I was at ends if to trust them, now I have set up a a site and wonder to myself why would anybody give me their cash and trust me especially in this market full of scammers. To be honest I don’t care there needs to be a trustworthy site for masternodes and I think it could do quite well, but I have a good job that I enjoy and this site to me is just a way to keep connected to the community, so if anybody would like to start using the forum I be happy to keep funding this thing I don’t care if it’s not 100% masternode chat but let’s keep it crypto but I could start a board ‘Chatting Shit’ if the community demanded it.

So feel free to sign up and start chatting nobody likes being a Billy No Mates.

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