21 April 18 update

I suppose the big news this week has to be the rise of Bitcoin still only £6200 but hell is everybody happy to see it there. Of course along with the Bitcoin rise we saw most Altcoins also lift I know personally I’m almost back to breakeven, thank God XRP has risen above what I paid for it and I am promising myself a sell as soon as it 2x’s, we’ll see.

Verge finally announce it’s big partnership and everybody dumps. What’s wrong with these people OK it’s PornHub but they get over one hundred million users per day on their group of sites. This is a use case ok I get it’s adult entertainment but traditionally this type of site has been strategic is push technology forward and gain adoption.

This was a longer post but we had a power surge and it lost my file, cant be arsed and I’m going away later so things to do. Have fun, peace out.

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